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English Saints and Martyrs

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

St. Alphege - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

St. Alphege - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

St. Alphege of Canterbury, Roman Catholic Priest and English Martyr. When in 1011 Canterbury was overrun by Danish invaders, who began to slaughter the townspeople, the archbishop presented himself to the Danes, declaring, “Spare those poor innocent victims. Turn your fury rather against me.” Alphege was thereupon consigned to a dungeon. Afterward, an epidemic among the Danes frightened them into releasing him. Newly freed, Alphege obtained the healing of many victims of the epidemic by his prayers and by distributing to them blessed bread. Despite this, the Danes later stoned and axed him to death in Greenwich. But eleven years later, it was to be a Danish king, Canute, who would honorably transfer Alphege’s body to Canterbury.Feastday April 19


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